Engage 'Tour Neon 2.0' Pickleball

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The NEW 'Engage Tour Neon 2.0' ball is here.  USAPA Approved and a completely new ball designed from the ground up to become one of the leading balls in the sport.  Why?


  • Color:  Enhanced neon green color making it easier to pick up optically for faster reaction time and improved playability.
  • Holes:  Single consistent hole diameter and spacing.
  • Material:  New harder polymer composition with improved manufacturing techniques.

So what’s so special about those improvements:

  • The new color will help players pick the ball up sooner for better reaction time therefore improved overall player performance
  • By the holes being consistent in size and placement, there’s more material evenly spaced between the holes to improve the balls ability to withstand cracking and getting out of shape.  It will also provide a truer flight while playing.
  • The improved polymer composite handles hot and cold weather better ensuring less cracking and helping it stay round longer.  The harder material also makes the ball more enjoyable for all playing levels (especially the intermediate and advanced players).

This is a completely re-designed ball for all playing levels, especially the more advanced / tournament level players.


  • Holes: 40
  • Color: High contrast Neon for better visibility.
  • Designed for Outdoor play.
  • USA Pickleball Approved for Tournament Play
  • Quieter with less vibration.

This ball was designed to compete as a tournament ball and favored by all.  It's a completely different ball than the original 'Engage Tour' ball which is a great ball, but a softer ball for those that prefer a soft long lasting ball.  But for those looking to push their game to the limits with power, control and spin, the new 'Engage Tour Neon' ball is your choice.

Test it out.  Take your game to the next level.  Only at Engage Pickleball.


*The color of the product may vary due to different display settings and lighting conditions.

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