Engage Pickleball, based in the United States, is a leading sporting goods manufacturer with a clear objective: to craft a comprehensive range of sporting goods equipment and apparel tailored for active individuals worldwide. Our mission is to empower your active lifestyle with high-quality products designed to enhance your performance and enjoyment.

Our Vision:
At Engage Pickleball, we dream big. Our vision is to stand tall as the largest sporting goods manufacturer globally, leading the way in innovation, quality, and unparalleled athletic performance.  Never forgetting our customers are our #1 priority.

Our Mission:
Dedicated to bringing joy to people worldwide through an active lifestyle, we prioritize you – our valued customers. Our mission is simple: to make you our #1 priority and ensure that your experience with Engage Pickleball is nothing short of exceptional.

Innovative Approach:
What sets us apart? It's our unique approach to innovation. At Engage Pickleball, we integrate 'Applied Physics' into every product, strategically optimizing technology placement to enhance your connection with the game. Our relentless commitment to progress drives us to explore different dimensions and material compositions, pushing the boundaries of 'Research and Development' (R&D) every 7-10 days.

Engineered Internally:
All our design, innovation, and creativity happen in-house, thanks to our talented team of engineers. Collaborating with industry leaders and suppliers, we continually strive to design new components and processes that elevate the standard of sporting goods equipment globally.

The Engage brand (the Pursuit and Encore line of equipment) is our in-house 'Made in the USA' brand.  Crafted from conception to final production in-house by our own employees in our own factories.  This includes design, fabrication, graphics, assembly and quality control.

The Engage 'Evolution' and Omega by Engage brands are designed by us, but are produced by our global partners creating an unbeatable combination of value and top-notch performance.

Why? Because Your Game Deserves the Best
Our pursuit is fueled by a singular goal: to produce products with the perfect blend of balance, power, control, and an overall unbeatable feel. Engage Pickleball exists so you can play at your absolute best. 

Our Commitment:
We stand unwavering behind our commitment to excellence. With a 'no questions asked' money-back guarantee, an industry-leading warranty policy and unparalleled customer service, we ensure your satisfaction is our top priority.

Beyond Business: Giving Back to the Community
Engage Pickleball is more than a brand; we're a community. Committed to making a positive impact, we support various outreach programs and donate a percentage of our sales annually to meaningful causes. Our dedication extends to promotional events that aid those in need and proudly supporting the brave men and women of the armed forces who safeguard the world, allowing us the freedom to be active and enjoy our lives.

Discover the Engage Pickleball difference – where passion, innovation, and community come together to inspire a world of active lifestyles.