TeamEngage Sponsored Player & Ambassador Program

EngagePickleball stands at the forefront of the Pickleball world, renowned for our top-performing paddles, driven by an in-house engineering team, and a dedicated commitment to Research & Development (R&D). With a track record of innovation, we consistently introduce new paddles and technology, setting us apart as an industry leader.

Beyond our commitment to product excellence, Engage is a passionate promoter of Pickleball, contributing thousands of paddles, balls, and nets annually to fuel the sport's growth. We go a step further by offering special paddle versions, with a percentage of proceeds donated to charitable causes such as Cancer, Armed Forces support, and more.

What is a Sponsored Player?

Sponsored players represent the pinnacle of skill in the game, often ranking at 5.0+ level or being instructors at the 4.5+ level or higher.

What is the TeamEngage Ambassador Program?

Initiated years ago to foster the sport's growth, our Ambassador Program supports individuals who share our passion for Pickleball. Whether they're active players in their communities, advocates for bringing people together through Pickleball, or instructors enhancing the game for others, we welcome those dedicating their time to promote the sport's numerous benefits.

Benefits of being a Sponsor or Brand Ambassador:

  • Free personal promotional items (quantity based on type)
  • 50% off additional paddles, gear, and accessories for personal use.
  • Participation in the TeamEngage Programs and Portals
  • And much more...

If you're interested in joining the TeamEngage family, reach out to us by clicking here. Let's grow the sport together!