The Gold Coast Grand Slam, held from June 7th to 9th at KDV Carrara, was an extraordinary event for the Australian Pickleball community. As the major sponsor, Engage Pickleball proudly supported this event, which drew 366 enthusiastic participants. With a gender distribution of 43.44% female and 56.56% male, the tournament was a true celebration of diversity and competition in Pickleball. 
 Over the course of three days, 331 medals were awarded across 67 divisions. Participants competed on 24 meticulously prepared courts, thanks to the dedication of over 20 volunteers who taped the courts on Thursday night. The event also featured engaging coaching clinics run by MLP Australia pro players Sarah Burr and Coco Lococo, which were a resounding success. The intermediate women’s session sold out in just one day, underscoring the high demand and enthusiasm for these skill-building opportunities. 
 Friday was dedicated to singles and skinny singles, showcasing fantastic participation from players of all ages and skill levels. That evening, the tournament introduced a unique "team breaker" format inspired by MLP, where teams of four rotated players every four points in a race to 21. This innovative format led to some thrilling and closely contested matches. Saturday, the busiest day of the tournament, was all about gender doubles. The atmosphere was electric, with many first-time players and new partnerships taking to the courts in epic battles. Sunday wrapped up the event with mixed doubles, highlighting outstanding play across all divisions and age groups. Many Team Engage players also made their way to the medal stand across the weekend, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication.
The para events, including singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, were particularly popular, marking the largest turnout for para events in Australian Pickleball to date. These matches showcased incredible skill and determination, further enriching the tournament experience for all involved. 
 The hybrid division was a particular highlight, featuring professional players teaming up with players with various disabilities for highly competitive and entertaining matches. Throughout the tournament, 100 Hundy Club T-shirts or visors were distributed, 30 Engage Paddles were awarded as prizes, and over 250 Pickleballs were used. Players and spectators alike enjoyed the 6 kilograms of McIntosh lollies that added a sweet touch to the event. 
 The event was live-streamed by Dylan Kimlin and captured by Foxall Photography, ensuring memorable moments were documented. Participants and spectators alike praised the warm, friendly, yet competitive atmosphere, thanks in large part to the exceptional organisation by Toni Sarten and her team at Pickleball Tournaments Australia. 
 Each morning, players eagerly checked their bags for golden tickets that awarded Engage Pursuit Pro paddles, creating excitement and numerous happy winners. Additionally, all medal winners were entered into a draw for 25 Engage Pursuit paddles, adding extra incentive and joy to the competition. 
The final day concluded with a thrilling announcement: due to the success of this event, another Grand Slam will be held in Melbourne in November. This upcoming event promises to feature many of the same beloved elements, including coaching clinics with Team Engage pro players, the team breaker event, and competitive categories for all ages and skill levels.
For those who did not win an Engage Paddle at the event, you are still able to use your exclusive GC Grand Slam discount to purchase any Engage paddle, including the brand new, hugely popular Pursuit Pro 1 paddle, at . Don't miss the chance to gear up with the official paddle of Pickleball Australia. 

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